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    Jiangsu Xinjie Textiles Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Shirt interlining
    Free slurry ironing lining
    Jacket lining Series
    Double points coat lining
    The ladies lining, fashion
    Cut into strips lining Ser
    At the beginning of our establishment, in the belief of “To Be a Most Complete Accessory Production Enterprise in the National Costume Field”, we made firm strides in the development process. Taking talent and technologies as two elements of our development and management as a powerful guarantee of our positive operation, we have actively explored and made unremitting efforts. After many years’ struggling, we have stood out from the fierce market competition and have developed into one of domestic completer interlining production bases currently. Our products are well sold in home and exported abroad. Simultaneously, in the spirit of “Hard Pioneering, Sincere Cooperation”, we build up a good image of the company and our brands by virtue of our scenic environment, excellent corporate styles, good operation service and high-quality interlining products. Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, we always remember support and trust of people from all walks of life and serve the society in a brand new posture and with higher-quality products, making an effort to make contribution to development of the garment industry of China.


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